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1) Pre-sale services

a. Understand the customer needs, analysis and summarize, provide product functions and type options throughout the process.

b. According to the customer requirements, provide reasonable suggestions, including parameters, styles and customized applications.

c. SD Grand always maintains a high sense of responsibility and provides customers with sincere, careful, patient and caring high-quality services.

Mid-sale services

a. After understand the customer’s needs, we will provide specified samples, latest product sample brochures and feasible plans.

b. After providing samples, we will follow up closely and deeply understand the customer's needs in sales and application.

c. After the customer selects a product, we will inform customer the delivery date. For those customers who require batch goods or projects requirements, we will clearly provide available stocks and the estimation of the date of arrival.

3) After-sale services

a. SD Grand provides the whole process of after-sale service, realizing the uninterrupted service and response at any time.

b. For batch product problems, implement differentiated solutions.

c. Customer’s order in batches and projects will have an in-depth understanding and cooperation plan to achieve continuous supply.